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red hill quarry

November 8, 2016 |Comments


The demand for this post has been unbelievable, but first of all let me just say: please enter at your own risk and thread extremely carefully. Rangers frequently patrol the region so we can assume it’s unsafe for the public, and being in the area may result in a fine. Fellow Perth explorers have been kind enough to share the secret spot with me so if you do venture here, I trust that you will take very, very good care of the location. Lastly, if you know where to look, you’ll come to realise that the locals have already openly shared the exact map coordinates over the past few months, so me sharing my experience in a blog post won’t make much of a difference.


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Map out coordinates -31.822064, 116.055090 and this is what you should see on your map – the coordinates given indicate the dropped pin along William Street, while the other star points to the Red Hill Quarry. You’ll have to park along or at the end of this street, and then follow the path upwards. The uphill trail is rather rocky, but nothing too serious – and a return trip will take approximately 1-2 hours. If it gets confusing, refer to your phone’s satellite map all the way and you should be able to find it. There’s also another quarry nearby (I wrote about it here) that guarantees a shorter trip, but is not as scenic. Anyway, have fun exploring and please thread cautiously!


aqua blue

October 17, 2016 |Comments

Over the weekend, my family and I took to the road exploring some of Perth’s hidden sweet spots. This is a stunning mineral quarry we found that was not too far off from the instafamous Red Hill Quarry (more on that in my next posts), and the water was truly that aqua blue. It wasn’t the easiest to get to though, since there were many boulders we had to overcome, but the view was more or less worth it and I love how my top coincidentally complements the scene. Trekking back was a tad more tricky and I’m not the best at balancing on steep, large rocks so thankfully I had some help. I wouldn’t recommend going alone but if you’re cat-like with nine lives, why not. The drive is half an hour from Perth City, so what you’ll want to do is map out coordinates -31.830581, 116.099332 and park at this spot where there are huge tyres blocking a clear pathway. Once you cross over or squeeze past these tyres, walk straight for ten minutes and you’ll come to an open area overlooking some trees and large rocks. Keep moving in the same direction for a few more minutes and you’ll be able to spot the aqua blue quarry. From there, it’s up to you however you want to manoeuvre your way down to this charming site.




Please just remember to tread carefully and not damage or litter on location so others can appreciate the place. I’ll be combing some other local spots this week so if you’re curious, I’ll be on Instagram!


there you are

September 29, 2016 |Comments

Isn’t it fascinating that we go away to travel only to come back a different person? Whether it’s a subtle change in our perspective of the world, newly gained experiences or simply breaking routines, travel is the perfect catalyst for challenging boundaries. Personally, I love that it expands my capacity for wonder, appreciation and happiness – and having the chance to explore this lovely planet with someone special is truly a bonus.

Life is also full of unexpected situations and no matter how prepared you may be for certain setbacks, there comes a time when we all have to deal with a surprise turn whilst on the road.

For one, losing a wallet can be a huge catastrophe. There is just so much anxiety and loss of time that comes with it, especially if you’re unsure whether it was actually misplaced or stolen, and being a potential victim of card fraud can be a stressful experience. Unfortunately I’ve been in a circumstance where I’ve had to reluctantly cancel my cards, leaving me only with a handful of cash to tide me through the rest of the trip. Thankfully, I had a friend with me then so it didn’t turn out all that bad but we’re not always that lucky.

That said, I recently discovered Westpac’s Card on Hold feature that is so valuable. It simply means you can lock your Debit MasterCard via Westpac’s mobile banking app in seconds whilst you search for it.


By using the Card on Hold function while overseas, your Debit MasterCard will be locked for a maximum of 15 days and can’t be used, but of course you can unlock it at any time.

If you don’t find your card within that locked period, Westpac recommends reporting it lost or stolen and a replacement card will be issued.

It should also come as no surprise that Card on Hold is great for when you’re back home too! If you were to misplace your Debit MasterCard when you’re in Australia, then you could also use Westpac’s Get Cash feature to withdraw cash from any Westpac ATM while your card is locked. You can access Get Cash easily via Westpac’s mobile banking app, but remember you can only use this feature if you’re in Australia!

Westpac is committed to helping millennials take control of their finances by giving them greater access and security, and it is useful to note that Westpac was the first to extend its Card on Hold feature to Debit MasterCard. Now every time my card goes missing, I have a mini heart attack but realise I also have Card on Hold with Westpac so I can easily lock my card in seconds instead of cancelling it – definitely a life-hack any traveller should keep in mind!
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