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June 4, 2017 |Comments

They say some eat to live, and others live to eat, but you have to agree it’s almost always a mixture of both. Whatever it is, life is best enjoyed with good food, and what better way to top that off than with someone who shares the same cravings as you?
What my partner and I find ourselves doing every weekend is trying out new local cafés and restaurants, and though there are some we tend to go back to, the weekends are strictly reserved for a fresh palate. That said, we enjoy traveling too, mainly for the food and the sights. And in every city we visit, we make the effort to book in advance so the day is started off with a solid brunch and closed with a hearty meal.

You have to admit, it’s always a promising meal that we all look forward to after a long day. Take my partner and I for example, we constantly have full schedules of meetings and new deadlines throughout the week, so we tend to plan dates in advance. This way, we also get to tick off our checklist of restaurants, cafés and bars that we want to visit, so it’s a win-win. We find this really helps us tide through the workday knowing that we get to spend time with each other over an enjoyable meal after. And if the food wasn’t that great, hey, at least now we know to steer clear.
On the recurring theme of food, both of us actually met at a friend’s wedding lunch and hit it off straight away. Surely food makes the world go ‘round, right?

That said, of course I know how hard it is finding the perfect person to vibe with, and I hear this all the time from both guy and girl friends who are even busier than I am. Think doctors, investment bankers or airline crew with a full schedule from dawn to dusk, and for those who are already used to working overtime or have spontaneous shifts, I think you get my drift.
So here’s something to mull over, no matter how independent or busy you may be, you still have to eat. And if you’re into meeting up with others over a genuine meal and conversation, Bite lets you do just that. You can even post your own broadcast stating where, when, and what you’d like to eat, then accept a Bite from users who feel the same way. Don’t be shy, it’s best you check it out for yourself on the App Store or Google Play!
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city of light

August 22, 2016 |Comments

Bonjour from one of my favourite cities where the 19th-century cityscape is crisscrossed by wide boulevards and the River Seine. This time I spent a lot of the day twirling around Place de Trocadéro in this stunning Jill Jill Stuart chiffon gown. The iconic spot is truly one of the best locations for an Eiffel Tower photo with the perfectly placed Trocadero fountain in the foreground, and of course I wish we had gone before sunrise to avoid all the other tourists but there’s always a next time!




Above: Bag by Louis Vuitton / Fur charms by Fendi – shop similar Iphoria fur pom bag charm and alice + olivia stace face fur keychain charm/ Luggage by Rimowa / Sunglasses – shop similar Prada aviator sunglasses and Marc Jacobs double wire double rimmed cat eye/ Fur sliders – shop similar PUMA by Rihanna Leadcat Fenty Faux Fur Slide Sandal here and here 
Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

Above: View from the bottom of Place de Trocadéro / Below: Jardin des Tuileries

A very memorable birthday meal at L’Orangerie Restaurant, Four Seasons Hotel George V

An extension of La Galerie, L’Orangerie restaurant is an atmospheric spot overlooking the famous Marble Courtyard at Four Seasons Hotel George V. As the hotel’s third signature gastronomical restaurant, it offers a new culinary experience that is in perfect harmony with the four seasons of the year. Chef David Bizet’s menu exemplifies the traditional French contemporary cuisine “of elegance, refinement, femininity and respect for nature.”
In truth, L’Orangerie nails the harmony of fresh and bold in their food pairings, with many outstanding courses such as the scallop brushed with caviar, the wonderfully poached langoustine and their delicious pigeon piece. The service is always first-class and sets you up for the day with a smile. Thank you for such a brilliant evening!
Standout Signature Dishes
Poached langoustine, citrus, rice espuma with caviar
Lobster on peas with tarragon
Dover sole, shellfish, granny smith apple and lemon verbena
Smoked soft egg, impérial caviar and watercress
Meringue flower, raspberries and anise

oasis in the city

July 28, 2016 |Comments


In collaboration with Four Seasons Hotel Singapore


There are a few places in the world close to my heart, some of them significant because of the close friends I’ve made, and others are far etched in my memory by the intimate flavours of a very, very wonderful meal. Four Seasons Hotel Singapore is one of them, mainly for the reasons that many unexpected friendships have been formed within the building, and that their award-winning restaurants serve up an excellent meal while their fine serene spa boasts a mighty first-class massage, tried and true.


The principle of enjoyment and happiness at award-winning fine-dining restaurant Jiang-Nan Chun.



Signature Peking Duck
Duck is roasted in a customised wood-fired oven, imbuing succulence to the meat and reducing fat beneath the aromatic crispy skin. The xiang le touch extends also to the service as the chef personally carves the duck in front of guests with an exquisite final touch – caviar is served on the side, for an intimate blend with the traditional flavours of the duck.


Even their dim sums showcase the laborious and delectable attention to detail by the chefs. For one, the crispy flaky pastry with black pepper meat takes many hours to make, with seventeen symmetrical layers alternated between water-based and oil-based skin to form a crispy textured pastry that wraps the wood-fired meat within. And perhaps one of my favourites, the steamed barbequed pork bun uses kurobuta pork that is glazed and cooked in the wood-fired oven, and then finally topped with the tangy sweetness of green chilli. To say it was exquisite is an understatement.

Words and Photos: Pale Division and Four Seasons Hotel Singapore