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June 4, 2017 |Comments

They say some eat to live, and others live to eat, but you have to agree it’s almost always a mixture of both. Whatever it is, life is best enjoyed with good food, and what better way to top that off than with someone who shares the same cravings as you?
What my partner and I find ourselves doing every weekend is trying out new local cafés and restaurants, and though there are some we tend to go back to, the weekends are strictly reserved for a fresh palate. That said, we enjoy traveling too, mainly for the food and the sights. And in every city we visit, we make the effort to book in advance so the day is started off with a solid brunch and closed with a hearty meal.

You have to admit, it’s always a promising meal that we all look forward to after a long day. Take my partner and I for example, we constantly have full schedules of meetings and new deadlines throughout the week, so we tend to plan dates in advance. This way, we also get to tick off our checklist of restaurants, cafés and bars that we want to visit, so it’s a win-win. We find this really helps us tide through the workday knowing that we get to spend time with each other over an enjoyable meal after. And if the food wasn’t that great, hey, at least now we know to steer clear.
On the recurring theme of food, both of us actually met at a friend’s wedding lunch and hit it off straight away. Surely food makes the world go ‘round, right?

That said, of course I know how hard it is finding the perfect person to vibe with, and I hear this all the time from both guy and girl friends who are even busier than I am. Think doctors, investment bankers or airline crew with a full schedule from dawn to dusk, and for those who are already used to working overtime or have spontaneous shifts, I think you get my drift.
So here’s something to mull over, no matter how independent or busy you may be, you still have to eat. And if you’re into meeting up with others over a genuine meal and conversation, Bite lets you do just that. You can even post your own broadcast stating where, when, and what you’d like to eat, then accept a Bite from users who feel the same way. Don’t be shy, it’s best you check it out for yourself on the App Store or Google Play!
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new year, new wardrobe

January 17, 2017 |Comments

There’s nothing like a shiny New Year to ring in the perfect opportunity for overhauling our wardrobes and refreshing our personal styles. If you’ve been hoarding ill-fitting jeans and jumpers, or any fleeting, trendy item that you’ve never actually worn, get rid of them and make way for a fresh new start. So many of us are guilty of buying more than we can actually wear, but the trick is to revaluate your shopping choices and stick to pieces that could be part of your closet for many, many years.
This time I’ve teamed up with Marks & Spencer to pick out a few favourite pieces from their large variety of collections. The brand is well known for their high-end quality at affordable prices, so you know your outfits don’t necessarily have to break the bank.

We know a great, functional wardrobe is always built on a foundation of basics, and it goes without saying that these basics differ from person to person. For one, I consider my basics to be anything in white or beige, or a classic piece of outerwear. Take skinny jeans as another example, they are some of my favourite basics because whether dressed up or dressed down, they can do it all. Pair white skinnies with a luxurious blouse in the same colour and embrace the one-note, monochromatic look, or elevate your street-style game and throw on a subtle jacket in colour teamed with muted accessories.

Now guys, never say never. I have sworn off any overly-ladylike dresses for the longest time, but my inner Blair Waldorf has fallen in love with the timeless cloche hat and this feminine dress was only fitting for the occasion. In fact, the fit-and-flare silhouette has been a classic since the 50’s and remains as one of the most flattering shapes of all time. And here we come full circle to my favourite rule for de-cluttering wardrobes: invest in ageless pieces that will last you through seasons. For your afternoon garden soirees, keep accessories to a minimum and swap out the heels for flats or wedges. Tune things up for the evening, however, with a dramatic red lip and some bold jewellery, and sling a trench over your shoulders for when the temperature drops.

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January 5, 2017 |Comments

極度乾燥 (しなさい)
In collaboration with Superdry
It’s easy to visit Japan and come back with a mind brimming of ideas. After all, their fascinating capital city is like no other, mixing traditional with the ultramodern, and packing itself with neon lights and a spectacular amount of electrifying energy. It should come as no surprise then that Superdry was born of an inspirational trip to Tokyo. With its roots based within Japanese imagery and vintage American sportswear, Superdry has become a British fashion success story whose DNA is synonymous with intricately detailed design, premium fabrics and British tailored cuts.

Wearing – Winter belle trench coat in stone and nautical striped knit jumper from Superdry 
You can never go wrong with a trench so naturally I brought mine along on my travels. I must say, Dubai’s weather is perfect in December – chilly enough for one layer of outerwear and warm enough for some cut-off shorts. Arguably the best way to team a striped sweater is with a trench for that street style factor. If you’re more of a pant person, feel free to swap out the shorts for wide legged trousers or some skin tight jeans. Whatever your favourite combo is, it’s good to know that Superdry does wardrobe classics well.

And what better way to see Dubai than with a sky-high helicopter ride? A lightweight quilted jacket is your best bud in this case, and if it’s a men’s piece you’re coveting (like mine here), just go a few sizes down and you’ll realise how versatile the styles play out. I mean, have you never lived in your brother’s clothes? Sharing is caring.
The point is, whether your escapade takes place in the sun-burnt sand dunes or the sweeping azure coastline, there is always a great travel story to tell, and perhaps sometimes they are best accompanied with some Superdry gear. Live a little and shop the looks at their brand new store in Perth:

636/640 Hay St
Perth WA 6000