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        Bali, Indonesia

        Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Floral Drops

        So, it’s been one hell of a disappearing act on my end. Apologies for the prolonged radio silence, it has been an awful battle with wifi connectivity where I currently am, and where I soon will be.

        Fortunately though, I’ve been graced with the company of Dolce Floral Drops  the new Eau de Toilette inspired by the elements of the striking Dolce Eau de Parfum. The fragrance opens up with the lively and crisp green top notes of neroli leaves and papaya flower that enriches and defines its freshness right from the start.

        And quite quaintly at the heart lies a harmonious combination of white amaryllis, white daffodil and white water lily. But of course, the final floral signature is then counterbalanced by a base of warm musky notes, cashmeran and sandalwood  triggering the almost subtle trail of a fresh, delicate scent. 

        If I’m honest, the Dolce Floral Drops is really all I want to wear throughout the week.

        March 4, 2015



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