The first thing I am struck by when I catch a whiff of the new Gucci Guilty EAU is its warm aquatic accord and sweet lychee notes. Unmistakably, the new flanker is a smoother and lighter interpretation of the classic Guilty, and breaks tradition by conveying a more delicate, romantic attitude. The fragrance features a milky and delicate heart of lilac, while the floral signature of the original has now been tinged with wild strawberry. Most of all, I love its musky base that emulates the sultriness of bare skin and awakens a daring sensuality that is very much the essence of Gucci.I previously met the wonderful team in New York City, and this time we were gathered in Tokyo for the unveiling of the evolved scent – an appropriate choice for its Japanese onsen experience that triggers fond thoughts of relaxation and deep inner warmth. From the careful curation of our food menu to the artfully personalised Gucci Guilty EAU sensuality spa, it seems the highly celebrated fashion house knows that the finer details are the ones that count.
        Gucci Guilty EAU de Toilette

        Gucci Guilty EAU Pour Homme
        At our welcome dinner that took place at Enjyu Restaurant, we gushed over Gucci makeup products, swimming with whales and how Japanese strawberries are the best strawberries. A food coma and a very comfortable sleep after, I shined and polished up in silky burgundy for the Gucci Guilty EAU Workshop where Gucci’s very own fragrance meister gracefully presented the concept and aroma behind the scent.Admittedly the masculine version of EAU is also real dreamy. It opens up with top notes of noble woody orris, creating a heady contrasting aromatic blend of lemon and bergamot, all the while bringing an intriguing infusion to the orange blossom signature of the original scent. And at the base, a suave patchouli and musk blend creates the scent’s timbre. Swoon.
        My time spent with the team revealed that the Gucci Guilty EAU individual is authentic and intoxicating, one who lives in the moment. EAU is essentially an empowering and sensual scent, and as an author once said, the fragrance of romance is gratitude. Nothing says I love you like saying I love you. And as we already know, Gucci Guilty EAU develops with body warmth, so here’s an excuse to kiss, hug and get intimate – all in the spirit of Valentine’s.
        February 17, 2016