Over the weekend, my family and I took to the road exploring some of Perth’s hidden sweet spots. This is a stunning mineral quarry we found that was not too far off from the instafamous Red Hill Quarry (more on that in my next posts), and the water was truly that aqua blue. It wasn’t the easiest to get to though, since there were many boulders we had to overcome, but the view was more or less worth it and I love how my top coincidentally complements the scene. Trekking back was a tad more tricky and I’m not the best at balancing on steep, large rocks so thankfully I had some help. I wouldn’t recommend going alone but if you’re cat-like with nine lives, why not. The drive is half an hour from Perth City, so what you’ll want to do is map out coordinates -31.830581, 116.099332 and park at this spot where there are huge tyres blocking a clear pathway. Once you cross over or squeeze past these tyres, walk straight for ten minutes and you’ll come to an open area overlooking some trees and large rocks. Keep moving in the same direction for a few more minutes and you’ll be able to spot the aqua blue quarry. From there, it’s up to you however you want to manoeuvre your way down to this charming site.




        Please just remember to tread carefully and not damage or litter on location so others can appreciate the place. I’ll be combing some other local spots this week so if you’re curious, I’ll be on Instagram!


        October 17, 2016


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