London’s Autumn

        London was a fine surprise this September. We were anticipating dark, gloomy days and rainy weather for the week but fortunately we had none of that. The afternoons were so breezy that I could even layer up with a thin dress and vest, and go sans leggings with simple flats. It goes without saying we walked everywhere and preferred to do so, since the Oyster was incredibly stuffy and I almost lost my ability to breathe whilst frantically sprinting underground.

        Of course we stopped by my favourite Oxford Street but merely for a while, since the only thing I wanted to buy was out of stock throughout the entire United Kingdom (no prizes for guessing, but it’ll pop up soon on my feed). We settled for some ice cream to chase away my shopping blues.

        A lot of you have been asking about my Chanel Gabrielle backpack that my mum got for me from Paris. I’ve been using it almost daily so it does get bumped around quite a bit, and surprisingly still looks pristine even though it’s had the pleasure of experiencing a drip of steak sauce (I did wipe it off almost immediately). As for either small or medium, both sizes are perfect for travel – though you may want to consider the latter if you tend to carry a lot of items.

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        September 25, 2018


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        Super pictures !\r\nParis is beautiful city !\r\n