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March 17, 2017 |Comments

Western Australia has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, with its soft white sand and glassy turquoise waters. And living close to the city surely has its perks, as the stunning City Beach is less than half an hour drive away. I did venture into the living postcard this afternoon, and as usual the sand beneath my feet felt almost powdery, which reminded me fondly of the newly launched Le Blanc by CHANEL.



Wearing – Le Blanc whitening compact foundation by CHANEL / Red jacket – shop similar DSQUARED2 military double breasted coat and Laveer cadette blazer / Red ribbed turtleneck – shop similar 525 America knit sweater and A.L.C billy sweater / Red flare pants – shop similar Victoria Victoria Beckham flare pants and J Brand selena boot cut pants / CHANEL chevron double flap bag – shop similar CHANEL 2.55 shoulder bag in yellow and vintage CHANEL chevron faux pearl bag
Le Blanc by CHANEL is all about amplifying skin’s healthy radiance by boosting its true light while visually smoothening out pores and imperfections. The velvety side of the sponge is great for light coverage and touch-ups during the day, whereas the spongy side provides a medium-to-high coverage and is best applied in the morning. I alternate between colours 10 and 20 Beige depending on the time of the day, as I find that the lighter shade washes me out under direct sunlight, but it magically brightens up my complexion for evening.

gucci guilty eau

March 9, 2016 |Comments

Willabelle Ong for Gucci Guilty

In collaboration with GUCCI

Let’s talk about the new allure – whether it’s the sort that sun-kissed models exude, or the type that oozes from languid silk pieces with criss cross backs. But first, as I’ve mentioned before, what you need to know is that the new Gucci Guilty EAU is literally quite the hit. With its musky scent reminiscent of steamy onsen waters, I’ve actually lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked what perfume I had on. At a recent party, someone pointed out it smelt like dangerous sophistication, and just last evening over the phone, another had mentioned it fetched memories of intimate moments. And I can’t deny it, the scent is truly all kinds of sexy and is best spritzed on bare skin.

Surely even, the bottle’s combination of satiné and shiny finishes shapes a captivating new look for Gucci Guilty EAU. It seems we’ve found our new allure, fragrance-wise anyway. We’ll save the rest for another time.

skin i live in

February 21, 2016 |Comments
In collaboration with NIVEA

Here down under, it’s relatively clear that when the sun’s out, skin’s out. But more to the point, skin cancer is not fun and I’ll have you know I avoided the fiery fiend for as long as I could. I still recall this one time we had a day out to the beach years ago, and while all my gal pals paraded in bikinis and frolicked in the sun and sea, I rocked up in a long-sleeved polo and with an umbrella no less – I kid you not. Someone actually squinted and asked what on earth I was doing, to which I replied, “..avoiding skin cancer and a tan.” Now you guys know how much of a bright young lass I truly was.

But surely I couldn’t avoid the sun forever. In the past year when I visited Bali and Bora Bora, one straight after the other, I learnt that a fake tattoo tan is really not cool and that the sun wrecked absolute havoc on my skin. What you should know is that UV sun radiation damages the top layer of skin and thus disrupts the skin’s ability to make its own natural moisturising factors. Now we come to what I know, that prevention is better than cure, so make sure to always thoroughly slap on body moisturiser that contains SPF  – on your face, body and everywhere – because radiant, flawless skin is always in season. And if the damage has already been done, as was the case with me circa early 2015, then it’s still not too late to turn to a reliable whitening body moisturiser. After all, it’s what underneath your clothes that really matters, right?

So here’s skin survival 101: Never forget the whitening body moisturiser. And if it doubles up as a sunscreen with firming benefits, like NIVEA’s body serum, then you’re in luck.

NIVEA Instant White Firming Body Serum SPF33 (Day Use)

I never understood body moisturisers that made you feel like you were swimming in oil, so it’s godsend that NIVEA’s whitening body serum is on a whole different game. For that quick fix and instant radiance, lather on the Instant White. The serum contains a special concentration of Vitamin C for fairer skin, while COenzyme Q10 firms up saggy skin and has microlight reflectors that make your skin look radiant immediately.It’s so important to apply lotion or serum with UV protection because your skin certainly needs that kind of shield from the sun’s damaging rays.

NIVEA Night White Firming Body Serum (Night Use)

On that hectic girl’s night out, or in for that matter, you’ll notice that your skin loses moisture during the hours of darkness, and even more so in an air-conditioned room. It comes as no surprise that ever since I discovered skin cells regenerate twice as much at night, I’ve upped the usage of body serums containing both Vitamin C and E that aid in skin rejuvenation, making it visibly hydrated and evenly toned. Simply put, your skin repairs while you snooze – it doesn’t get better than that.

What I like most is that NIVEA’s whitening serums absorb into skin quickly with a non-sticky finish. Put the pedal to the metal and start investing in your canvas, because no amount of high shine clothing, lustrous accessories and show-stopping heels can wholly conceal sad looking skin.Make flawless skin your #UltimateFashionStatement.