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5 favourite photo spots in nyc

July 20, 2017 |Comments
Dropping in again to share with you five of my favourite photo spots in New York City for now, and of course there’s always more to do around the area besides getting the ‘gram, so without further ado: 
1. Flatiron Building

What you’ll want to do is wait for a yellow cab, avoid the traffic and switch up poses. Repeat ’til you get the shot. I wish I was joking but that’s how candid photos turn out most of the time and yes, I did drink the coffee if anyone was wondering.

2. DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge

Don’t wear stiletto heels because trust me, you will get stuck. And go early (we went around seven in the morning), you’ll want to avoid the crowds!
3. Grand Central Terminal

Need I say more? Every time is the right time to visit Grand Central Terminal. Don’t be afraid to make your own Gossip Girl time-lapse, no one will judge.
4. Asiate at Mandarin Oriental

It doesn’t get more romantic than a dining view by this particular spot (obviously please book in advance) with a lovely Columbus Circle sight. Best to go before sunset if you want to observe the golden hour in its full glory.
5. Top of the Rock

“How many times can you visit Top of the Rock in a week?” Challenge accepted. No but seriously, this place has one of the best views of New York City and is also one of my favourite places in the world. Go in the morning, and go just before sunset to watch the city come alive.

central park chic

July 7, 2017 |Comments


What started off as an early morning stroll at seven in the morning quickly turned into an opportunity for outfit shots with dreamy backdrops here at Central Park. I never even knew these corners of the park existed, and truth be told we had actually chanced upon them while on our way to locate the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain. As you might’ve guessed, we didn’t end up reaching our goal because breakfast was more important – and in fact these photos would more than suffice.



new york, new york

June 24, 2017 |Comments

A speedy hello from one of my favourite cities in the world! Here again and decked out in mustard tones to complement the yellow cab frenzy around New York. The weather has been comfortable, and when you’re jet lagged and already heading out around 7AM every day, the lighting works in your favour.

Our first stop was Top of the Rock that I’ve been to many times, both in the early mornings and during sunset, and the view still overwhelms me! There is something special about New York that makes you believe the sky is the limit. See you on Instagram!